There are a variety of ways to order your regular “repeat” prescriptions. The fastest and direct from your medical records is the quickest.


The system knows what medication you are taking, and ordering more is simple and completely secure. First, you will need to register for online services by coming to our Reception with proof of your identity (photo-ID – eg. a UK passport or driving licence). You will then be given a user name and password, and then you’re ready to go…

Order Your Repeat Prescription Online


By post or by hand, Prescriptions usually have a list of your “repeat” medication on the right-hand side counterfoil. Tick the boxes of the medicines you require, and post it or hand it in at Reception.

In Person

You can visit our main site and drop off a written request and we will process your request within 48 Working Hours. (Excluding Weekends and Bank Holiday).


Please allow 48 working hours for us to process your request.



Non-repeat Prescriptions

If the medicine you require is not on your “repeats” list, we may still be happy to prescribe it. If we have prescribed it before, or a hospital doctor has written to us to recommended it for you. But we may need to speak to you first.  Please let us know if you would prefer to collect. your prescription from our Reception, or your medication directly from one of our local pharmacies